SoonDooBoo(Korean:순두부) is soft tofu made mild without removing moisture when soybean curdled. Tofu is a world-class well-being food and is a representative health food that is in the limelight as an anti-cancer food because it is made up of protein ingredients rich in essential amino acids.
Since ancient times, tofu has been called meat from the fields, and it contains a large amount of ingredients that are effective in improving brain function, preventing cholesterol accumulation, and preventing osteoporosis. The protein in tofu is better absorbed by the body than meat, fish, or milk, so anyone from children to the elderly can eat it without burden.
Tofu has a digestibility of 95%.

SGD(So Gong Dong)

SGD(So Gong Dong) is a small city located in the center of downtown Seoul.
It was Wall Street in Korea in the 1970s.
This was the place where the second princess of Joseon King (Taejong) lived.
People called the village where the second princess lived "Little Princess Valley".
This was called “So-gong-ju-dong(小公主洞)” in Chinese characters, 
and it was shortened to Sogongdong(小公洞).